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Filing Taxes as a Same-Sex Married Couple

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The good news first: In many cases, if not most, filing taxes as a same-sex married couple in New York state should be as straightforward as it is for straight couples. The bad news: Well, it’s taxes. And taxes can be complicated and tedious.

Some Background First

In 2011, same-sex marriage became legal in New York state. It was already legal in a few other states, and in 2015, it became legal everywhere in the United States. You may have filed as a married same-sex couple on your state taxes since the 2011 tax year and, in 2015/2016, switched to married on your federal taxes as well. (This page breaks down what you were legally required to do.)

If you filed as single until your 2016 return so that you would have the same information on your federal and state returns, it’s possible you could get some money by amending state and federal returns from prior years. To be legally safe, you should amend any state returns from prior years that need changing.

If you transferred property during the past few years or did anything that may have changed due to the recognition of same-sex marriage, it may be a good idea to consult with an accountant.

Now to the Present

Now it’s 2017, and for the most part, same-sex married couples in New York can file taxes just as their heterosexually married counterparts do. A few considerations, though:

  • If you are married and adopt the child your partner gave birth to, you cannot claim the adoption tax credit. On the other hand, if you have yet to marry, you can claim the credit. Of course, the two of you should discuss whether getting married before the child is born is better for your family, both financially and emotionally.

  • Suppose you file taxes as married filing separately. Further suppose that one of you has yet to adopt a child who the other partner gave birth to or is the biological parent of. The legal parent is the one who should claim the dependency deduction.

At Herman and Company, CPAs. P.C., we can help you navigate through gay marriage tax filing and benefits. If you have any questions or are interested in a free consultation, contact us today.

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5 Reasons to Enlist the Help of a Bookkeeping Service For Harrison, NY Businesses

Bookkeeping Service For Harrison, NY Businesses

Many business owners in Harrison, NY handle their own bookkeeping. Common reasons include saving money and reducing the likelihood of the exposure of confidential information. However, having the owner keep his or her book is often inefficient and counterproductive. Most business owners are relieved when they enlist outside assistance. Here’s a look at why outsourcing your bookkeeping may be important, especially with a new year having just begun.

1. Start Tidy in the New Year

Having up-to-date and complete books is critical at any time, but the advent of a new year provides an appropriate time to make a fresh and clean beginning. With the help of a qualified accounting firm, Harrison business owners, entrepreneurs and professional service providers can rest assured that:

  • Bank transactions are complete and accounts are reconciled.

  • Expenses are categorized properly.

  • Profit and loss statements are accurate.

  • All possible tax deductions have been identified.

  • Your expectations are realistic, and you have an accurate picture of your business’s financial health.

2. Focus on Running Your Business

You should focus on what you are good at and passionate about. Chances are that’s actually running your business: innovating, meeting with clients, selecting products and so on. Spending even just a few hours a month on bookkeeping takes time away from what you do best.

3. Simplify a Complicated Process

What goes into your bookkeeping process? For instance, do you use software that takes hours to learn and that you’re not fully expert with? Do you use manual data entry when automated processes could save you time? Also, do you know about all of the tax law changes so that you can pay the least possible taxes under the current laws?

An accounting firm can simplify a complicated process in so many ways, from being current on tax law to making sure your retirement account contributions are maximized.

4. Gain an Outside Perspective

Most importantly, a bookkeeper is an outside eye on your business. Your bookkeeper is especially valuable in this aspect because, while they’re on your team, they’re also on the outside, which lends an invaluable outsider perspective. A qualified firm is ethical and sensitive to any confidentiality issues.

If you are seeking bookkeeping or accounting help in the Harrison, NY, area (or anywhere in the New York Metropolitan area for that matter), contact Herman & Company CPA’s, PC today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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