What Can I Do if an Employer Put the Wrong Amount on My W-2?

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Hi, I’m Paul Herman of Herman and Company Certified Public Accountants PC, located in White Plains, New York. The questions asked today is what can I do if my employer puts the wrong amount on my W2 form? Well, first of all, it’s a great idea to keep records during the year, keeping track of the salary you’ve been paid and your withholdings, so at the end of the year you can total up those amounts and compare it to your W2 form to make sure that the information on your W2 form is accurate. So let’s say you do that and you get your W2 form, most likely sometime in January, after the end of the year, and you find that the amounts on your W2 form are not correct. Well the first thing you should do is contact your employer and tell them that you believe that your W2 form is not correct. Tell them what portion of it is not correct, and ask them to issue a corrected W2. Corrected W2 is issued on a W2-C form. So assuming they will do that, you’ll use the corrected information to file your tax return. Now let’s say that for whatever reason your employer won’t give you a corrected W2 form, or perhaps your employer, your former employer is no longer in business, and is unable to give you a corrected W2 form, or you can’t get in touch with your former employer. Well the good news is that you should report the information on your tax return that you believe to be correct. When you do that, attach a statement indicating that you believe the information on the W2 supplied by your employer is wrong, indicate why it is wrong, what information is incorrect, and just indicate in that note to your tax return that you’re filing a return based on the information you believe to be correct. That’s all you really need to do. So, that’s what you should do if you receive an incorrect W2 form from your employer. I’m Paul Herman of Herman and Company CPAs PC, located in White Plains, New York.

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  • Germaine Smith says:

    Thank you. I was hurt at work was not working all of 2016. I was still getting regular pay every month, with all the normal deductions. When I received my W2 income I reveived was totally wrong. Payroll refuses to fix it.

    • admin says:

      We suggest that you report the amount you believe to be correct on your tax return and attach a note of explanation with a copy of the form you received. However, you should not rely on our advice without seeking the assistance of a tax preparer.

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